Saturday, May 10, 2008

The greyhound by Chad Halliday


anonymous manifestos scrawled
on bathroom walls
dissident banned novels written
in the margins of deranged office memos -
conceived in unwelcome fits
of consciousness;
broken water on empty bus station
waiting room chairs -
placentas draped like shrouds
over ancient personal television sets -
the coin-operated restless cinema
of the wandering relics
now chained to desk chairs
and cubicle walls
and travelling inbox connectivity -
like dogs bred to run
starving in cramped cages
howling at a moon they'll never see.
so the burn starts at midnight
and seeps down your throat until 3
when the quarters have run out
and the screen has gone black
and the loudspeaker makes a proclamation
fit for a Lincoln,
but not for you.
try to sleep now under rusted pipes
leaking the elixicir of delusions
that poetry is piety
and ignorance is innocence;
but the man with the shining brass buttons
and the flat topped cap
ushers you back into the cold,
where the mind is uncomfortably clear
because morning is near -
because notions of peaceful oceans
and Westward directions
and pacific erections
and mad insurrections
are fading with the bugle wind -
and the dogs line up
the dogs fall in
somewhere in the distance
a sad violin...
"and they're off"

Brown Bear by Bell

Chad Halliday, a/k/a thelonius Lorenz, f/k/a Eric Estrada: gypsy fishmonger, moral compass of the now defunct polka band, Uncle Fingers and the Terrifying Remedy, muppet. He lost his resume and has no memory of meeting you. If found, please return, P.O.D. General Delivery - Lawrence, Kansas. There is a bowl of soup waiting for him, and it is getting cold.

Photo by Adam Lawrence.
Graffiti by IMPstyles APN.

This Brooklyn soon-to-be diva soars over electronic beats with beauty and power. This past month she self-released her debut ep (available at, and has been compared to a certain Icelanic singer who shall remain nameless. She may not frequent the track, but she knows how hard it can be to carry on.
For more information about Bell you can visit her MySpace site.

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