Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Listening to my parents talk in Polish by David Kowalczyk


In elementary school,

I would often imagine

translations of the conversations

my parents would hold in Polish,

a tongue they shared with each other,

yet refused to teach their children.

This is what I would

hear them say:

“Learn to be

a stranger in

your own home.”

“What would I give

to become invisible

each morning.”

“Our natural state

is to be lost.”

Couldn't Lose Myself If I Tried
by What Laura Says

Image by
Photo by Adam Lawrence.

David Kowalczyk lives and writes in Batavia, NY. He was founding editor of Gentle Strength Quarterly. His poetry and fiction have appeared in five anthologies and over fifty magazines.

North Carolina's What Laura Says will release their debut album, Thinks and Feels, on August 18th. This is the lead track from that release, and it leads to a world of incredible melodies and odd timing. Much like family life is full of incredible melodies and odd timing. For more information on What Laura Says you can visit their website.

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