Thursday, October 9, 2008

Girl With Curious Hair (for mister foster wallace) by Lisa Zaran


David Foster Wallace committed suicide.
I sit in my bedroom remarkably unsettled,
knowing how pale my talent is compared
to his wintry words some might remember
him as a figment of clarity, others by
his soft hair. One day the sunlight too
will be dead and the cracked city streets
will cry for a new resource of light.
David once wrote: there's something missing.
Like an angel of judgment, he was right.

WhatsHappening - Escape Mechanism

Lisa Zaran is an American poet, essayist and author of six collections including "The Blondes Lay Content" and "the sometimes girl", the latter of which was recently the focus of a year long translation course in Germany. Selections from her other books have been translated to Bangla, Hindi and Punjabi. She is the founding editor of Contemporary American Voices, a poetry journal & Little Lark Press, a poetry forum for teens. Many of her poems can be found in journals, ezines and anthologies worldwide. She is a Bob Dylan fan, a mother of two teens and a public speaker. She lives and writes in Arizona.

Photo by Adam Lawrence.
Street art by "mystery artist with pinking shears."

After a ten year wait, Jonathan Nelson has released a new sound collage album. Using 100% recycled sounds he is able to create fluent pieces of music that make you dance, make you laugh, and above all else make you think.

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