Thursday, February 12, 2009

To John Lithgow as Roberta Muldoon in The World According to Garp (1982) by Philip Estes


Maybe one day the Vet

will have you back Muldoon.

With the other greats:

Bednarik, Jaworski, Cunningham,

they never won anything in Philly either.

Bednarik did, but he sure as hell doesn’t act like it.

Maybe it won’t matter one day

and all the children’s librarians, pipe fitters, and financial advisors

won’t stuff d-cells in their pockets

before heading into the stadium.

And you’ll stand proud in a red winter coat like my mother’s,

the fur around the fringe of the hood,

You’ll hold your arms out, smile bright, and

release your love, without the fear of batteries,

the doctors taking your dick away,

or the accountant from Omaha that never called you back.

That shit doesn’t hurt like getting on the turnpike

and driving by the vet every day.

You know you can’t go back,

at least not just yet

Touchy - D. Rider

Philip Estes grew-up in Dayton, OH, home to Mike Schmidt, Paul Lawrence Dunbar and The Wright Brothers. He now lives in Kansas City, MO.

Street art, main piece - El Coucho.
Street art, Woody - Jef Aerosol.
Photo - Adam Lawrence.

D. Rider is the latest and darkest project from Chicago's Todd Rittmann.

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