Friday, June 19, 2009

A Glazing Misfortune by Jim Carson


Puddling silica

Panes forged in fire in the fifties

Yield to lean young muscle

Taut dimpled leather sphere

Light sneaks through tattered window shade

Small reminder of your crime

I admired your dedication

Commitment to practice

But warned you to be careful

Words not heeded

I should ground you for a month

But can’t


A smaller dimpled white ball

A four iron

And my own glazing misfortune

Many years ago

So I scold you mildly

Smiling my penance now complete

But your time will come

In thirty years or so

I pray I’ll still be around

To lay a wizened hand

Gently on your shoulder

And laugh at the moment

Deerhunter "Rainwater Cassette Exchange"

Rainwater Cassette Exchange - Deerhunter

Jim Carson is an Architect living in Atlanta with his wife, daughter and Snickers the wonder dog. His work has been published in numerous journals and includes poems recently published at The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Southern Fried Weirdness, Tales From the Moonlit Path, Poe Little Thing and Pocket Change (of which he has received little for his work). Being a Gemini he must occasionally channel the dark side. He can be reached at

Street artist unknown.

Photo by Adam Lawrence.

This is the title track from the newly released ep by the Atlanta-based Deerhunter. It is beautifully constructed rainy day fuzz-pop.

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