Thursday, September 10, 2009

Driving On North Mountain by George Anderson


Chopper’s chunky Buick
a sleigh on wheels
swerves through sludge
snorts of quick hot breath

From the back seat kids the
whoosh of snow deepening
the car angling onto the empty
mountain road. Several times

During the journey the car is
deeply bogged and we get out
straining, wishing the wheels
to catch and take us further

Up the slushy road perhaps
closer to a house or caravan
we can break in and stay the night
the young children starting to cry

Darkness descends by degrees
Chopper kicks in a trailer door
we scrounge in the pitch black
for blankets, boots, warmth. I

Find some gloves and wear them
like socks. in a locker my hands
find a rifle and later some books
soap but no matches or candles. We

Huddle together on a bed in the night.
clutching, calming the kids. and at first
light Chopper revs the car. wheels lock-
ing on the frozen ice- & we head home.

The Warm Currents Pull - Blind Mans Colour

George Anderson grew up in Montreal and no lives in North Wollongong, Australia. He has published 500 poems in a wide variety of magazines over the last five years. His chapbook 'Dancing On Thin Ice' is available through erbacce-press (UK) and his children's collection 'Melting Voices' (Perspicacious Press) should be out soon. Check out his blog BOLD MONKEY for more information about his current projects, links and publications.

Photo by Adam Lawrence.
Street art by charlie green.

Florida's Blind Man's Coulour is the trippy work of Kyle Wyss and Orhan Chettri. Their second album, Season Dreaming, was just released by Kanine Records.

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