Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dandelions by Lena Judith Drake


My father, his sports radio
antenna and black plastic, mildew smell
because he kept it in the bathroom downstairs.
He sets it on the grass next to him,
hunched in a stool with
gardening gloves with holes in the fingers,
pulling up bunches of dirt along with the roots of the dandelions.

I am less thorough,
my palms sticky with yellow pollen,
counterproductivity, blowing the fluffed seeded ones
all across the lawn.
My neighbors have scorched grass on their front lawns
from weed chemicals.
My house has yellow flowers.

Lena Judith Drake
is the editor-in-chief of Breadcrumb Scabs magazine. For more information or previous publications, please visit her personal website.

Photo by Adam Lawrence.
"Be Hope" street art by Shin Shin.

Bobby Birdman mixes elements of electronic music with a soul crooner's approach and does it well.

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