Friday, May 21, 2010

Neighbors by Kelley T. Davidson


up the stairs, wind on my calves, hello cat.
too cold for september. can it be september already?
in june i lived in a tent with whiskey and hunting for wood every night
and a fire, my dreams danced all around it
you could look over and see them waving, waiting to be invited to share the fifth and the light
tell me a story, dream, and ill then tell you about yourself
now i smell the neighbors refried beans, sopa con pollo
the mexican traditionals almost muffling the sounds of their crying
and i want to knock on the door and tell them its okay
i am homesick, too.

kelley davidson was raised by werewolves and educated in lame public schools in cynthiana, kentucky. she is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in creative writing at eastern kentucky university. she is 22 years old and full of fire and piss and dragonfruit. her work has been featured in volumes by manic d press, leaf garden press, mad swirl, cicada magazine, and lit up press. she is always ready to party.

Photo by Adam Lawrence.
Both the artist who painted the architectural details and the artist who added the words are unknown.

Edward Shape & The Magnetic Zeros is an LA band led by Alex Ebert, but this song is commanded by Jade Castrinos. It comes from their 2009 album Up From Below.

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