Wednesday, July 7, 2010

El Vocho by Steve Lafler

Steve Lafler has published upwards of fifty comic magazines including Mean Cat, Dog Boy, Prometheus’ Gift and Buzzard (a comics anthology). Often publishing under his own imprint Cat-Head Comics, Lafler has also worked with Fantagraphics, Last Gasp, Rip Off Press and other publishers. His first graphic novel, BugHouse, appeared in 1996 under his own Cat-Head imprint, followed by Jonk! In1998. Starting in 2000, Lafler published a trilogy of graphic novels with Top Shelf, a revised BugHouse, then Baja and Scalawag, all featuring insect people in a stylish noir setting at the dawn of be-bop jazz. In 2006, Lafler published 40 Hour Man, a collaboration with writer Stephen Beaupre (co-publisher of Buzzard). 40 Hour Man was released on Manx Media, his new trade imprint. Lafler released Tranny, his collection of comics about crossdressing, in 2008 on Manx and is releasing his new graphic novel El Vocho: Love at the Twilight of Oil this month.

"Jack Black Song" produced and arranged by Bill Stair.

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