Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Last Barbie by Cameron Dezen Hammon


This is the last Barbie

I will get before my birthday she says

Mountain of peach and tan friends

A placeholder

For the sister I cannot give her.

My husband hides

Under stained comforter

Watches USA v. Slovenia.

She wants a plain one she says

One who looks like her

She is happy in bathwater

Warm amniotic

She digs Barbie out of her cardboard prison,

Splinters tiny fingernails

Readies each new friend for the water.

There is always water on the floor

It runs through me like a sieve.

I am making a family Look Mommy!

Can we go to a park? I want another fruit roll-up

Look at this girl These two are friends

Cameron Dezen Hammon earned her BA in Creative Writing at Carnegie Mellon University. She has fronted a math rock band, scooped ice cream and taught elementary music in Brooklyn. So far, her favorite job is being a mother to a four year old, self professed glitter artist. She has written for Curator Magazine, NYLON, and Houston's 002. She lives in Houston, TX with her rock star husband and daughter.

Photograph by Adam Lawrence.
Sticker advertisement defacing an illegally posted poster advertisement by unknown artist.

Bibio is the alias of British producer Stephen Wilkinson. He is releasing his next album "Mind Bokeh" on March 29th through Warp Records.


  1. amazing Cameron! very powerful!

  2. Thank you for putting a poem of Cameron's here. Her writing is lovely. You guys have good taste.

    Well done. *clapping*

    And Cameron? These words, and the way you placed them together, are stunning.