Friday, April 15, 2011

I Know from My Bed by Michael Lee Johnson


Sometimes I feel

like a sad sack-

a worn out old man

with clown facial wrinkles.

I know when I reflect,

stare out my window

at the snow falling

from my bed,

my back to yours,

reflecting on my pain-

ignoring yours-

I isolate your love,

lose your touch

to another-


it is our bed,

not mine,

that I lie in.


Michael Lee Johnson is a poet and freelance writer from Itasca, Illinois. Michael has been published in over 23 countries. He is also editor/publisher of five poetry sites, all open for submissions, which can be found at his website. His poetry books, 4 sale, are also available through his site.

This Zine Will Change Your Life previously published Indiana Poem by Michael Lee Johnson. Check it out.

Pin-up image by legendary illustrator Gil Elvgren. Pasted up by a street curator of unknown identity.

Photograph by Adam Lawrence.

"Is It Done" comes from the new solo album "Several Shades of Why" from Dinosaur Jr. front man J Mascis which was recently released by Sub Pop Records.

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