Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pillage by Lindsey Lewis Smithson


Ed Herrmann narrates
the history of the Templars,
the fall of the Holy Land,
the empty rooms
of my white walled home.

They became a standing army
with no leader, no bases,
no land to drop their armor.

Here my shoes are left
upside down in the bedroom
and I go to bed
after yet another fight.

Sea Of Bees - Skinnybone by heavenlyrecordings

Lindsey Lewis Smithson is a graduate of UCR’s Palm Desert Low Residency MFA program and is the Poetry Editor for The Coachella Review. Some of Lindsey’s work has appeared in The Nervous Breakdown, Word Riot, Mastodon Dentist, The Pacific Review and Krax, along with various other happy publishing homes. Prior to attending UCR she worked as a high school Creative Writing Teacher, the Poetry Editor for The Pacific Review, and as a crossing guard. To date she is also a reader for The Whistling Fire and is a budding eBay maven.

Photo by Adam Lawrence.
Street art by 400ad.

Skinnybones comes from last year's full-length album from Sea of Bees, Songs for the Ravens.

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