Saturday, December 17, 2011

Five New Messages by David Greenspan



(read: the base self. animalistic. scratch me until blood pours over white leather. like syringes stuck in knee-caps, my body simply can't bend that way anymore, honey.)


(read: every pore in my body has its mouth open screaming your name.)


(read: to.)


(read: fuck. touch. skin on skin. I always mix up emotions and body parts.)


(read: the version of you I hold so close in my mind. weeks and months past. your current version is a pale comparison to the glowing ember that will not go away.)

Oregon Bike Trails - "Swimsuit" by indiemusicfilter

David Greenspan is the author of the chapbook 'i tried to bear the elephants and lost' (NAP 2012). His poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, from Heavy Feather Review, >Kill Author, Mud Luscious, Vinyl and other journals. Find candy and white vans here   

Street artist unknown.
Photo by Adam Lawrence.

Oregon Bike Trails is one of our favorite finds of 2011. They are from Santa Monica, CA and are filled with every bit of sun and waves and warmth. 

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