Wednesday, September 12, 2012

bullet in his head by Mary Shanley


he walked around the city
for thirty five years
with a bullet in his head
but it wasn't until he went
to the hospital for a cat scan
that the doctors discovered it.
when he was informed
he laughed it off.
said it must have happened
when he was crazy on drugs.
said it must have happened
when the streets were wild
with colors and energy.
said he thought he felt
something crossing Grand Street
one overwhelming night,
but he ignored it.
hurtled forward by the forces
of an unbridled life,
he had no time
to stop and explore
what might have caused
the sting in his scalp.

Mary Shanley is a poet/writer who lives in NYC. Two of her books have been published: Hobo Code Poems by Vox Pop Press and Mott Street Stories and Las Vegas Stories by Sidestreet Press. She has published online at Mr. Bellers's Neighborhood, Blue Lake Review, Logos Journal, Hobo Camp Review, StepAway Magazine, Anak Sastra Journal, and Shangra-la Magazine. 

Street art by Dick Mama.
Photo by Adam Lawrence.

Gel Set is the work of Chicagoan Laura Callier and it is dark, lush, and wonderful. 

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