Monday, August 26, 2013

Everything Wanes Imperfect by Christopher Hivner


It was a day unbidden
sloping in like a dream
in pure white,
voices like whispers
but in cadence,
urging me to move
while the river rats shrieked all around me.

It was a warmth
not asked for,
but entitled nonetheless,
to smooth the day
in strokes of Helios rays
to warm the rocks
under my feet
while attention is paid elsewhere.

It covered
like tacky paint,
coat upon coat
slopped on with
ham-fisted strokes
but at least it was warm
in the mid-day sun
while the ants burned in the reflection.

It was beautiful,
as it turned out,
my worries unfounded,
my cares translucent,
my eyes opened
with bamboo splints
and careful hands,
to the twilight
while I hummed an ancient hymn.

Christopher Hivner lives in Pennsylvania, usually writes while listening to music and enjoys an occasional cigar outside on a star-filled night. Christopher has been recently been published in Eye on Life, Schlock Magazine and Illumen. A book of short stories, "The Spaces between Your Screams" was published in 2008. He Tweets at: @your_screams.

This Zine Will Change Your Life previously published Tight Black Pants by Christopher Hivner. Check it out.

Street art by Nope.
Photo by Adam Lawrence.

At 18 Chicago's Bonzie (aka Nina Ferraro) has already shown an incredible amount of poise and talent on her recent debut album Rift Into The Secret of Things.

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