Saturday, September 13, 2014

Clickbait by Greg Santos


How might the human face look in 100,000 years?
I must keep telling myself, writing is lucky work.
Despite the headlines, life is good.
I like how the internet is starting to look.

Have you ever thought how many brains there are in the world?
I’m not just talking about humans.
For the love of God will someone please amuse me.
The city is quieter than you think.

You are a child in a house that is warm.
Climb larger and larger mental states.
You’re doing better than you think.
Still so in love.

Some may ask why.
It’s just something new to try.
Man explored the typewriter
ribbon and something clicked.

Greg Santos is the author of two books of poetry, most recently Rabbit Punch! (DC Books, 2014) and The Emperor’s Sofa (DC Books, 2010). He is the poetry editor of carte blanche. He lives in Montreal with his wife and two children. You can find out more about Greg at his blog, or check out his Rabbit Punch! Tumblr or Facebook page. He also tweets occasionally at @moondoggyspad.

This Zine Will Change Your Life previously published Hooray by Greg Santos. Check it out. 

Street artist unknown.
Photo by Adam Lawrence.

Peppermint Kisses is the husband and wife duo of Jenny & Joseph Andreotti (ex Funeral Club). "Woodland Mischieves" is their debut single released via FMT Recordings.

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