Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hamam by Julian Baker


The only flight he could find got him there a day earlier than his friends. Bored on his own by the pool he took up the rep's advice and went for traditional turkish bath. He would have a tale to tell for when they arrived.

The hamam was alright really, made you feel nice and refreshed, but couldn't quite relax about the having to being naked aspect, the whole thing is a bit, well you know.

Opted for the rose oil massage at the end, not intentionally, didn't realise that was optional, just nodded when asked. Best thing to do when you're abroad.

Different fellow doing the massage, had a huge moustache, Jesus his grip was strong. Thought it was meant to be more relaxing. At the end the masseur looking him straight in the eye and asking 'Did you enjoy that sir', those exact words, his accent subsiding.

Couldn't be sure he noticed a glint in the eye, didn't want to start being paranoid. You hear things about saunas don't you, it isn't always like that though is it? Was it his imagination? This will crack his pals up tomorrow...

Lying there, seeing if he could think of a snappy punch line, found himself wondering what if... not as blatant as that, more some vague parallel suggestion. If he had been right. About it. What if he said yes. To that. I mean everyone occasionally thinks about things like that don't they, just curious. Imaging if he might enjoy it.

He's not like that at all, after all this is a blokes holiday, so they can have a break from the wives and kids for a week.

But he could have said yes, couldn't he, his mind had thought it, just for a moment.

Before telling his mates, better get his story straight.

Julian Baker started writing one weekend in June, and prefers writing to working, he wishes he could work less and write more. He divides his time between trying to create good stories and wrong photographs. nthposition, Scarecrow, The Beat and Ink, sweat & tears have all shared the love with him. He is in residence here and transitory here. He thinks TZWCYL is pretty fab.

Photo by Adam Lawrence.
Street art (face) by David Choe.

The first album on 4AD from Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti promises to be a great one.

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