Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two poems by bl pawelek


bull of the stars

the angel voice sings
to the stars every night
then quits
awaiting its next turn

another turn

to burn past dark sky open air

and touch the fire presented

the song will start again

on an abandoned hill
of little memories
the eyes will rise
the voice strong
the stars will fall again


to the oriole bird

memory existence
when we all smoked
with the women in plaid
all wearing hats

you look to the sky
and still believe in god
in the sunshine the blue sky
not watching for larger wings
confidence in ignorance

moving from open areas to closed
singing the songs a bit softer
pushing the orange under the black
bullock knows how to last

we grab the branch one last time
smile at the ground instead of the air
hold the breath

bl pawelek is a sometime writer and artist living in Madison. A month or so ago, he decided to take a break from writing and was nominated the next day for a Pushcart. Go figure. Now he is not sure what to do.

Photo by Adam Lawrence.

Street art by Cernesto.
Triptych by bl pawelek.

Daybreak is from I was a King and this Norwegian band's new album will be released January 25th though Sounds Familyre.

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