Thursday, January 20, 2011

Perch by David Mac


The loner, the loser,
the madman,
are the only birds
in my tree.

I watch them come and go,
peck and prune,
chirp and perch,
stay a while.

And I can't decide whether
to feed them or
scare them or
shoot them.

But leave one to admire:
lonesomeness, loss
just one.

Hey, where's the
I'm still waiting
to see him.

Ah, bluebird don't
mean nothing.
He comes when
he comes.

David Mac is a 32 year-old forklift driver from the UK whose work can be found in Ambit, Purple Patch, Weyfarers, United Press, Monkey Kettle, Mud Luscious, Word Riot, and many other journals, as well as, being a featured poet on The Poetry Kit's 'Caught On The Net.' He has various self-published chapbooks available, plus 'These Dirty Nothings' and 'Room is Brutal' from erbacce-press.

This Zine Will Change Your Life previously published Kerouac won't let me get no Sleep! by David Mac. Check it out.

Photo by Adam Lawrence.
Street art on the left by Gaia and on the right by Clown Soldier.

Pure is off of San Francisco based Blackbird Blackbird's debut ep Let's Move on Together.


  1. Good imagery, evocative, like turn to bluebird at end, surprise..