Friday, October 14, 2011

Best Western by Marty Cain


Card swiped, clicked lock,
his bag a corpse on the floor,

glasses by the blinking clock,
floral chemicals, synthetic rosehip.

Blinds make perfect bars, striped wallpaper hypnotizes. Shark kills squid, says the TV voice.

His eyes reflect from the glass,
over shimmering city, navy sky.

Flicked switch at dusk. Curled
like a fetus in the pale duvet, he

hasn’t slept alone in months,
no rising stomachs by his side.

The radiator coughs and he thinks of
jerking off, but considers the others—

the businessmen in white briefs,
statues who stare at moon-scraped buildings,

who sleep with call girls, milky skin, slender fingers, silicone.

He dreams of rays of morning sun
streaming through tempered glass,

vacuumed floors, sparkling mirrors,
fresh sheets, no questions.

Youth Lagoon - Cannons by abrecaminos

Marty Cain is an undergraduate at Hamilton College, where he is concentrating in creative writing and cinema. His work has appeared in Welter, and he has two poems forthcoming in Breadcrumb Scabs.

Photo by Adam Lawrence.
Street art by Hanksy.

Youth Lagoon is a young, but hugely talented musician from Idaho.

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