Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two poems by J. Bradley


J. Bradley reads two poems from Thiz Zine Will Change Your Life from J. Bradley on Vimeo.

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J. Bradley is a contributing writer to Specter Magazine and the Interview Editor of PANK Magazine. His first novella, Bodies of Smoke, comes out this fall. 

This Zine Will Change Your Life previously published Quality Control by J. Bradley. Check it out.

Photograph by Adam Lawrence
Street art by lรคdy. 

M+A are a young duo from Forli, Italy who are releasing the debut album, Things. Yes, on November 8th.

The Monogamist Reinvents A Numeral System

As each wrinkle forms on your body,
I’ll kiss the tally marks.

I’ll appreciate the pop and crack

of our bones, the weight of you
on my left shoulder after the stove
or staircase wins a fight,
how much slower we’ll dance.

I want to watch each other
fall apart, apologize to each
gray hair on you head
for not causing them sooner.


I don’t want to speak of you
in the past tense.

If you are gone before me,
I will tell the kite of your dress
about my day, gas the house
with my favorite perfume.

I’ll walk down supermarket aisles
with my left hand half open.

I won’t see you everywhere
but just enough to turn my smile
into a campfire, one I can sit
children around and tell stories.

I’ll show them the short bus
of my arms, how I taught them
to stop letting you go.

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  1. You've got a unique sensibility and poetic logic that works well. Bravo.