Friday, February 24, 2012

Amanda by John Grey


toward the fire,
two legs walking,
two wild rose vines
that urged me to follow,
and I, already melting
this dear woman
whom a timid snake
shyly followed for a time
then left for
the safety of the long grass
to sing her praises
to the tasty crickets

John Grey is an Australian born poet who works as financial systems analyst. He has been recently published in Poem, Caveat Lector, Prism International and the horror anthology, “What Fears Become” with work upcoming in Big Muddy, Hurricane Review and Pinyon.

This Zine Will Change Your Life previously published The Couch in Ben's Bachelor Pad by John Grey. Check it out.

Street art by bunny M.
Photo by Adam Lawrence.

Bone & Bell is primarily the work of Chicago's Heather Smith. "Flying, Falling, Crawling" comes from debut ep "Loom" which came out last year.

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