Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vaudevilians by Marc Carver


At the theatre
I took the seat of a previous man
Going back
a hundred years
and a million men.

On the stage was a box.
I took my shoes off
and put them in the box.
I could not help but think
What if I don’t get my shoes back.

When challenge time came
one of the jugglers held up one of my shoes.
I thought it did okay on the clapometer
But it did not get picked
for the challenge.

At the interval I rushed up ad got my shoes back.
When they came back on
They threw all those things up in the air.
They went fast
They went slow
They kept it all
Suspended in air
And time.
What it is to juggle
balance life.

Marc Carver has been writing poetry for about four years. In that time he has had about two hundred and fifty poems published around the world and published five collections of poems. He lives in England and works on local poetry projects there, but still performs poetry around the world. He has been invited to three festivals in America this year and hopes to work in other countries. He hopes people appreciate his poetry and understands what he is trying to do. He has no formal training in poetry and did not go to Oxford or Cambridge or anywhere else for that matter. He just picked up a pen and started to write.

Street art by Stikman who happens to be celebrating 20 years of street art at the Pandemic Gallery starting next Friday, March 16th.

Photo by Adam Lawrence.

Sinkane is a talented multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn who has played with Yeasayer among others.

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