Sunday, December 9, 2012



I notice something that looks like a church
so i sit on the wall in front.
Then i see an inscription on the wall
'bargeman killed 1726'
It makes me feel uncomfortable
so i go to the door to look in.
There is a man there loading water bottles
As i look in he says.
"It is not what it seems you know."
Most places aren't, i think.
"I just thought i would come in for a look."
"It is not a church
even though it might look like one."He says.
"It says it is a mission to seafarers
and i like to think
there is a little of the nautical in me.
He laughs and i
sail away.

Marc Carver has published seven books of poetry and over three hundred poems around the world.

This Zine Will Change Your Life previously published Vaudevilians by Marc Carver. Check it out.

Photo by Adam Lawrence.

One of the coolest bands in Chicago right now, Summer Girlfriends released their debut album, Shockwaves, over the summer. 

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