Sunday, December 15, 2013

Technological Laser by Uzodinma Okehi

Open again onto Terra Firma, my world outside of life—impregnable, night-lit avenues, onto looped, winding streets, blurring to the next, the spaceship glow from the dash, breeze pleading from the slit in the window, the shrieking engine, the beaded figurine swinging from the rear-view . . . I’m not drunk, but dog-tired as I slosh against the back seats of the cab. Not a fool, just used to, and by now even comforted by the relentless way the drivers want to get you with the same roundabout hustle, this psychotic, high-speed touring all over the map. Next to me against the headrest is about everything I own, zipped-up in a duffel strained to the seams, and tied to that is the sense that none of this is real enough, not yet, not the teahouse, sitting with my notepad, like some anthropologist, certainly not the Temple Street Y with its maid service and turned over bedspreads, though that I could fix at least, cue the rush, heist flick, stuff my bag then check out, then a cab back into the flotsam sea of streaming lights, hurtling across lanes, downshifting, and what I do know is I’ve got to go deeper.

Uzodinma Okehi writes and draws a zine called Blue Okoye. (New Episode!) Life of Jo-Jo -Epic confusion. Good vs. Evil. Along with his middle school pals, Blue Okoye faces fifth grade in the suburbs.

Street artists unknown.
Photo by Adam Lawrence

"It's Alright" comes from Bombay Bicycle Club's forthcoming album, "So Long, See You Tomorrow", due out in February.

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