Monday, March 23, 2015

we pray to Mary Magdalene by Jessica Robinson


at war with the moths, we
turn off the lights
so they think we’re not home

look at your reflection
she looks like she’s in grade five
doesn’t she make you want to
hit her

grade ten you is standing
in the middle of the road
you think she might get hit by a
she’s too high
she doesn’t care she doesn’t care

in line at the drive through
the people on the radio
are talking about me

Jessica Robinson is a young Canadian writer based in “The City Above Toronto,” who spends her time watching people and trying to do them justice on paper. She has had poetry published with Bitterzoet Magazine, The Furious Gazelle, and Room Magazine, and is currently a contributor for The Lambda, the Laurentian University newspaper. You can find her on Twitter @hey_jeska.

Street art by Cosbe.
Photo by Adam Lawrence.

Chicago-based indie crooner Jimmy Whisper is preparing to release his debut LP, Summer In Pain, this week via Moniker Records. 

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