Saturday, October 31, 2015

deconstruction by Chris Barickman

up at six and on the site by seven hauling two
by fours or tearing down drywall with industrious
immigrants who spoke of only sex or carpentry

I was the “professor” with his brand new
and coveted tools forbidden to walk
the ceiling beams until
the plywood had been laid

diligent by day commended by the foreman
I put my wages up my nose
each night and lay until the early
hours pulse pattering face leaking

the house grew quickly as
I measured days by coffee
breaks and lunch time naps

when complete I left the town
and dealer in his Saab behind

I keep my tool belt undisturbed
on a hook in the cellar

Chris Barickman is an American singer/songwriter living in the Czech Republic.

Street Artist unknown.
Photo by Adam Lawrence.

Toronto-based grunge band, Dilly Dally's debut album, Sore, was released on October 9th by Partisan Records. 

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